I am also not fond of downloading dramas because it eats up my pc and external space thus I heavily rely on sites like Dramacrazy and for what had happened, I feel the agony and pain. Yes there is the internet, however I appreciate that you gave us something to start from or some information for us to have before we read the recap , especially if we haven’t had the time yet to research this part of Korean history in more depth for those of us interested in doing so. April Fools Japanese Movie. You’re Beautiful Korean Drama. Dad and Hyung failed in that respect, even as they were fixated on nobler goals. Man on High Heels Korean Movie.

He means wooden swords, and the men go at each other full-out in the courtyard, though the kendo battle soon travels over the fence into the neighboring yard. God’s Quiz Korean Drama. The Vineyard Man Korean Drama. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Juui Dolittle Japanese Drama. Platina Data Japanese Movie. Then Kang-to actually orders the people to cry in mourning. Vampire Heaven Japanese Drama.

All those website do offer either free subcription, usually for 7 days. Yukan Club Japanese Drama.


drama-crazy’s Drama List – MyDramaList

My heart is already breaking for what is to come! My Little Hero Korean Movie. Namida wo Fuite Japanese Drama. Oh My Ghostess Korean Drama. Lee Jae Won Supporting Cast. The Huntresses Korean Movie. Drama is an addiction you cant just wwtch off! However, not all shows can be found there.

I Order You Korean Drama.

Star-Crossed Lovers And Loyalties: Hana Moyu Japanese Drama. The Equator Man Korean Drama. I xramacrazy Gaksital in the courtroom and I was on pins and needles for the rest of gaksutal episode, terrified that Kang To was gonna kill his hyung. Local Hero Korean Drama. Last Friends Japanese Drama. Miss Pilot Japanese Drama. Hachimitsu to Clover Japanese Drama.

Goddess of Fire Korean Drama. Kang-to runs up to the judge in the hallway and requests to search his chambers for the escaped criminal. This is possibly the most creative reply ever. I firmly believe that a drama ought to be enhanced by a knowledge of history, but not be incomprehensible without it.

Bridal Mask

Coffee House Korean Drama. Osozaki no Himawari Japanese Drama. Dream High Korean Drama. The director who direct A Man Story direct this drama. He rushes down and draws his dramacrazj while right next to him, Damsari emerges in dramacrazyy and walks away, calmly as you please. It seems like it, though it has some of the latest dramas listed, not all but then again wait and see if it improves with the content!


From Me to You Japanese Movie.

My Sweet Seoul Korean Drama. Memories of My Son Japanese Movie. Thank you so so much for the recap!

Hotaru no Hikari Japanese Drama. Tokyo Girl Japanese Movie. The Bridal Mask Team.

Lee Byung Joon Supporting Cast. Park Ki Woong Main Cast. I have high hopes for the following episodes.

Lorem ipsum wagch sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. My Girl Korean Drama. Almost Love Korean Movie.