With Sam headed into the O. Set in Season 2. What if Luke wasn’t the one who got to save her? D Obviously McSwarek based, married with 2 kids! Inspired by Bing Crosby’s lovely song. What will life have in store for them? Angsty, smutty, crime fic.

Christmas Traditions by snapple79 reviews Andy and Sam make plans for Christmas. As the clock ticks down to the wire, Nick does his best to disable the bomb and manages to cut it far too close for comfort. Step Outside These Walls by MD14 reviews I wrote this a very long time ago and am publishing it here for the first time. What he discovers, however, is a lot more than he bargained for, leaving him struggling to not only solve the case, but also protect the woman who’s in the middle of it all. Looking at the Person Next to You by xxliveforever17xx reviews When Frank Best gives an inspirational speech meant to encourage the officers of 15th, his orders unintentionally open up a floodgate of the most inappropriate thoughts for Andy and Sam. But Juliet is hot on his heels, and Nick is forced to let her into the secrets of his past.

Season 5 Episode 1 Airdate: It’s up to you if I should continue. Completion roikie JacquelineR reviews Sequel to “Transition”. Spoilers ahead for the episodes discussed and possibly for others.

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

3xx01 The dress looked amazing and it fit snuggly on her. Meanwhile, Jarvis reveals the shocking news that 15 Division will be restructured following the corruption scandal.


Based on how 3×08 ended and the promos for 3x It had been a long few weeks. And why has Sam given up on Andy? Of course Sam was there whenever she needed him.

How 3×01 should have vlue.

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Will she make it to her wedding? A couple of nights earlier Sam and Andy both got a taste of what they wanted their future to be.

Sam founds himself running some errands when he runs into someone he didn’t expect. Firsts by Annie Blythe reviews Post 2x Contains several sex scenes and some language.

Will Sam and Andy be able to put the pieces together before it’s too late?

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And she’s all wet. Based on the quote, “Hey, Bkue do a lot of things alright, I cook, I clean, I’m good with tools, I’m an excellent driver. Would Andy have stayed for him or would she still leave for the task force?

Tree of Love by evilkoalaforce reviews Sam and Andy walk home after drinking in the Rookir. Sam and Andy go to Sarah and Cooper’s for an early Christmas visit. M for strong sexual content and language.

Who knew their lives would cross paths outside of rookje laundromat walls. Rated for sexual situations and mild language Rookie Blue – Rated: The Art of Negotiation by dcj reviews Getting what you want, or getting someone to do what you want, isn’t always easy. All I Need by xxjmm96xx reviews Wathc gets trapped in the car with Leslie and Sam must make it back in time to save her.


Contains no direct spoilers from the season, unless you are unaware of the main event of the finale. Season 6 Episode 9 Airdate: Runaway Bride by LadyLush reviews During watfh boring day on patrol, Sam tells Andy all about the latest film he’s seen and how much it reminded him of her.

Since we didn’t, I had to write one of my own.

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Rated M, for the penultimate chapter rookir. Decided to add more chapters, thanks to the wonderful reviews! What if Sam and Andy had arrested Lee and not the blue guy? No Sleep Tonight by msmoon88 reviews Andy has a hard time falling asleep. Another 48 Hours by Skinfull reviews Sam and Andy are working undercover when a serial killer resurfaces whose M. Angsty, smutty, crime fic.