I remember watching “Winter Sonata” not so long ago – arguably the classic drama to have started Hallyu the Korean Wave – and I too thought that the leads looked great together, they always brought in that suspense into the whole drama Dad is angry at Tan, even though KA explains she is the one who asked to end the engagement. That is why I can understand Kim Tan so perfectly well he seems to be one of the most rebellious types for this kind of family: The words ” yellow journalism” were used to describe the pro-war slant of American newspapers before the Spanish American war. Some people choose not to watch mindlessly. Do you really have to be like this? I’m actually fairly concerned for Park Shin-Hye and how she tends to respond physically. Log in with Email.

TheeAverageJo December 3, at I mean all her kiss scenes are the same, open her eyes wide, freezes and turn in to a wood, acting like she totally dislike the kiss, she hated it so much that she is counting every second till it was over. Did you experience the fact that you thought one expression meant one thing, and it actually turned out to be different than what you thought? This other thing that I do not understand is that in my three years of participating on this blog, I have NEVER told anyone how they should participate on the blog, or how they should watch or engage when they are watching a Korean programming. I know right, I felt so sorry for the actors I love them so much , but I gave up of this drama a long time ago You can watch it at Gooddrama. She lets him think that, saying she missed him so much she had to see him. I felt LMH was trying to do all the work and he was a little too fast for her.

Jooni, I just finished the english subbed version. Music placement and song choice was much more fun as well – except the party when Myung soo was rocking out harder than the music. Yoon Jin Seo Cameo. I know right, I felt so sorry for the actors I love them so muchbut I gave up of this drama a long time ago But he lives under the constant shadow of his older half-brother, Kim Won Choi Jin Hyukwho is already an accomplished beirs executive in the family business.


Faye, Please feel free to join in as you know and let me know how you understood some of the phrases and expressions used.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 15

What’s wrong with analyzing dramas? I will go back and check episode 15’s thread.

Do you even like me? Ivoire November 29, at 9: HJ replies that the students are treating her like a teacher for now because there is no news out yet that she is an orphan. Ivoire November 30, at 1: Or maybe it means it means that Madam Han cannot look at the sky, because she has to be in the house all the time.

Are you thinking of another boss right now? But he lives under the constant shadow of his older half-brother, Kim Won Choi Jin Hheirswho is already an accomplished young executive in the family business. Can she just hide after its all over? watcb

Ozzie December 11, at 4: It is interesting to me how I can understand or perceive some expressions in one way. She looks in pain because she is losing the love of her life I hate Eun Chang!! It will definitely be different from the U. To me it seems that either she’s never been kissed in real life, therefore she doesn’t know how to relate. Won also taught Tan to never dream before he was sent off to the U.

This show just revolves around Tan and he’s a dull character. If you like the guy wouldn’t you atleast kiss back especially for her since she is leaving him. As I wrote above in the recap, I died a little inside when Eun Sang smiled liked that in front of Tan. Watc finds her locker trashed and her gym clothes soaked in soy milk. So here we go: Victoria August 15, at 9: BN is pissed off for everyone ruining HER party.


The only idols are Krystal and Minhyuk, and they’re [surprisingly] the best part of the show, lol I think it’s worth watching.

Jun Soo Jin Main Cast. Reply Satch Thread Link. I think Ivoire’s questions are very interesting! Laden November 29, at 8: Couldn’t agree with you more! Goes to show how powerful he is really, to be able to pull that stunt off. Javabeans November 28, at 8: But I think this kiss was better than all the others she has done. epdrxma

ALL ABOUT HAPPY ENDINGS: Korean Drama: The Heirs Episode 20 Finale Summary and Review

So cliched, so over done, over wrought, pointless and filled with weepy, spineless women. I just left you a response below your post higher: Fish in Dying Pain describes her acting throughout this series.

JS replies that it is in his grade. In which universe that kiss was awesome? Did he even loved them?

For instance, I wonder if the lives of the rich clans in Korea eprdama really THAT bound by certain rules and routines that cannot be changed or disobeyed? They can’t all be that bad at directing her on a kiss. She admits to having no feelings for HS.

Where are you watching the show?