Simone receives some worrying news from Harry, while Ryan is on the case to help find Zack. While Tony is in Wales he heroically rushes to help Gabby, a mother-of-two who has been hit by a car. Myra is shocked to learn that Carmel still plans to shop Theresa to the police. Season 22, Episode Bunking Off Aired: Simone supports her husband’s claims. Season 22, Episode 3 Change of Heart Aired: Season 23, Episode 62 WeddingKnight Aired:

Finn decides to return the baby to hospital, but without telling anyone. Myra throws a party after a big win on the bingo. Things go from bad to worse for the Lovedays as Lisa makes a rash decision; will Simone ever forgive her? Pete tries to keep Cleo in the palm of his hand. Thursday 14th January Episode And Carmel is devasted to see them leave and struggles with whether she should tell them the truth about Theresa’s baby or not.

When Holly’s suspicions over Cleo grow, nothing prepares her for what she discovers. Malachy tries to cover for his mistakes after falling victim to femme fatale Veronica, unaware he had been targeted from the start. Wednesday 22nd September Episode Mercedes and Joe are overwhelmed at being parents to Lexi, while Lisa is enraged and out for revenge when she overhears a hushed conversation about herself.

Season 21, Episode Haunting Revelations Aired: Also Jason is in shock at Bart’s party when Anita comes on real strong and the McQueen’s are in for a shock when they see the state of the house and their money from the blackmail scam gone. Wednesday 8th September Episode Thursday 1st July Episode Tony helps Ste come up with a plan to solve his family issues. Marnie urges Freddie to talk to Diane, but will Diane just step up her game? Meanwhile, Ste risks his safety to warn Carmel that Brendan is not to be trusted, and Cheryl threatens to sack Rhys and Jacqui when they refuse to acknowledge their mutual attraction.


Wednesday 9th June Episode Harry finds out why Cleo has been behaving the way she has and he’s furious.

Also, Cheryl and Lynsey arrive back in the village after a night out to see the destruction of the fire as, they go to the hospital they learn of Malachy’s injuries and Mercedes later informs Cheryl of Steph’s death and after initially refusing to believe it she collapses in a state of grief. Will Nathan get justice for Rachel? Grace is suspicious when two blasts from her past turn up at her door.

Hollyoaks 27th August 2018

Lisa is concerned after Jade works out who her secret crush is. Gilly reassures Steph he hasn’t cancelled their ‘big day’, while Blanche tells Alistair that Cindy is a gold-digger and implores him to wathc that their relationship is a sham. Season 22, Episode AdamsSecret Aired: Will jailbird Sienna help catch her deadly daughter? Season 22, Episode Please Don’t Go! Adam and Maxine go on a date and Jesse is avoiding Celine, but why?

Hollyoaks 28th August – video dailymotion

aigust Hunter covers a shift at The Dog and sees the real Mac. Tuesday 17th August Episode Are Myra’s new houseguests too much to handle? Season 22, Episode 73 Steamy Affair Aired: Season 22, Episode 99 Out of this World Aired: Season 22, Episode Nightingales Aired: Jesse offers Goldie a job as salon receptionist when she spins him a sob story about needing money for her sons.

Season 22, Episode 98 Nurse’s Instinct Aired: Lily sets up an online page to find Scott’s mum, but a discovery points them in a new direction.

Jem bumps into her ex Liam and they share a drink and try and put the past behind them, while Bart is still in hot pursuit of a date with Jasmine.


Kim faces a big change in her life. Monday 27th September Episode Cindy decides to seduce Darren, but is shocked to find that Suzanne has beaten her to it. Lisa ignores her feelings for Zack as Simone sets him up on a dating site. When a petrified Mercedes bares her soul to her old nemesis, it has devastating effects for someone. Nancy has an important appointment at the hospital. Peri continues her cruel campaign. And Harry gets the wrong end of the stick with Goldie.

Thursday 16th Hoolyoaks Episode Season 23, Episode Sienna Aired: Season 22, Auguts 70 Danger, Danger! Season 22, Episode 12 Scheming and Revenge Aired: Tuesday 8th June Episode Meanwhile, last-minute nerves prevent Holly from performing in the talent show, and with the Valentine’s Ball looming, Theresa struggles to secure a date. Meanwhile, Cleo’s playing matchmaker. Season 21, Episode Disaster Strikes Aired: Season 23, Episode 77 TheNightingales Aired: Season 23, Episode 72 LiamDonovan Aired: Lindsey is furious as she witnesses Mercedes and Joe growing closer.

Back at the flat Ste listens to the terrified voicemail Amy tesday him and he starts to think that Brendan started the fire and passes on his concerns to Rae. Season 22, Episode 89 Killer Disguises Aired: Mercedes feels torn over a difficult dilemma. Jade’s putting on a front that soon collapses behind closed doors.