Zevo-3 Episode 22 Welcome to Paradise Bay. Mutation Termination Episode A viral infection caused by Stankfoot’s mutant minion, Blacktop, lands Ellie in the intensive care unit of Ronson General Hospital. Meanwhile, one of Kewl Breeze’s homemade gadgets backfires when he tries to use it on a herd of cow-mutants and ends up switching bodies with one of them! Date With Darkness Episode Season 1, Episode 12 November 28,

Jason’s school assignment in responsibility goes awry when the eggs he and his classmates are given to take care of hatch into much more trouble than anyone bargained for. Season 1, Episode 15 January 17, Stankfoot is intent on using his mutating Zevo compound to destroy New Eden City and reclaim his birthright. With their Zevo energy mysteriously increasing off the charts, the group is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Testing 1, 2, 3 Episode Jason struggles with his grasp on a reality when he wakes up one morning in a world where the Zevo accident never happened, his parents are alive, and the Zevo-3 is just a comic book creation of his own imagination. Season 1 Episode Guide. Jason and Matt must race against time to find a cure or it may be the end of Ellie and the Zevo-3 forever.

Onilne, Matt’s latest zzevo gadget has alienated him from his teammates and Ellie is distracted by a new boy. Elsewhere, Ellie learns that Stankfoot was the previous owner of her car. Living the Dream Episode Brett Ronson hatches a plan to discover Z-Strap’s secret identity. Zevo-3 1 Season TV-Y7 Three teens fight off evildoers after being exposed to a compound that gave them superpowers. Ronson executes his ultimate plan to neutralize all traces of Zevo Compound everywhere and rid New Eden City of mutants once and for all, including the Zevo Zevo-3 Episode 6 — Sacrifice.


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Zevo-3 Episode 2 — Control. Season 1, Episode 7 November 8, Jason must save the city when Stankfoot oline it, and his teammates are no help because Matt’s preoccupied with a techno gadget and Ellie’s busy flirting with a new boy. Add to Watchlist Added. Jason wants to be alone on spring break, but his plans go episove and he lands in popular Paradise Bay, along with a bunch of other teenagers as well as Dark Materia.

Zevo-3 Episode 5 — Night Terror.

Cotilla’s latest blog entry angers Brett Ronson, so he kidnaps her and the mutant creatures she wrote about. Season 1 Episode Guide. Cotilla’s online blog about mutated animals running wild in New Eden gets her into trouble with the city’s shady founding father, Brett Ronson III. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: The trio try to stop a decaying hotel from being razed because it’s home to a group of mutants. Season 1, Episode epsode January 20, Jason, Ellie and Matt struggle to work together as a real superhero team when Stankfoot unleashes a giant carnivorous obline that grows over New Eden City, absorbing half the population in one night.

Into The Blue 3. Season 1, Episode 17 January 19, Season 1, Episode 2 October 16, Zevo-3 Episode 24 Shutterbug.

With their Zevo energy mysteriously increasing off the charts, the group is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Blood Feud Episode The Zevo-3 wtch stop New Eden City founder and land developer, Brett Ronson III, from demolishing a rickety old hotel in Stankville that houses a family of strange but sentient mutants.


The series premiere of a cartoon about three teens with superpowers and their efforts to fight off evildoers.

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Matt tries to increase the trio’s powers, but he accidentally causes them to lose their abilities at the same time that Stankfoot and Dark Materia unleash a giant assault on New Eden City.

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When Stankfoot shockingly reveals that he may have a connection to Jason’s late parents, Jason prods Grams for info and searches for clues which lead him to a deep secret within Ronson Tower and a surprising new outlook on his Grams. Zevo-3 Episode 20 — Heart of Darkness. The show is about three kids who get powers in a lab when Zevo compound covers them, due to an experiment done by the evil Dr.

Season 1, Episode 14 December 9, Season 1, Episode 16 January 18, Date With Darkness Episode Zevo-3 Episode 22 Welcome to Paradise Bay.