Kim Jong Kook for all his wonderful talent in singing and showing his wittiness on Xman, and his partner Yoon Eun Hye, thank you both for unlocking a treasure chest of fun and laughter for us. Dara has never expressly dismissed the rumor that makes fans wonder. Eun Hye, are you busy recently? Their relationship was rock steady! Please don’t spam the thread by posting some unnecessary and silly comments. Jong Kook remained on Xman though until Xman 54 where he also left for good because of military duties. Immortal Songs Season 2 Episode 3 years ago. Jong Kook being naughty with the brush and his victim is..

Shinee Super Funny Episode 6 3 years ago. They even have the same pose, just look at their hands…how sweet 7. Let’s believe in Captain Young Do! Nice caps of the entire, Saying You Love Me music video This could probably be the last and only time that we can see on screen behaving like a couple. The highlight of the interview was Jong Kook pretending not to know the actual age gap between him and Eun Hye to cover his tracks. They look unusually compatible and made people feel comfortable with their pairing. Kim Jong Kook is going to be out from the military very soon and fans are praying for something between him and Eun Hye to happen. But Jong Kook must have felt really pissed because Eun Hye wanted him to dance solo.

Others have tried to take their place but there engkish simply no replacement for them. Dating in the open. You can say the same for Xman, everything ends after recording. Once again, have to give thanks to Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye supporters for compiling and creating all these information and pictures as evidence of proof of their romance.

The drama ended in March and I was kind of lost after that. See and decide for yourself.

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Secrets Of Nature Episode 3 years ago. They are afterall just starting out only. He may walked away but he definitely did not give up If you are quoting the pictures again, it doubles the time to load the page.


But their romance seems to be raging on like in other interview shows, heck, Eun Hye even appeared in one of his MV, looking so much like lovers. When one of them suffers a small hurt, actually they feel the hurt even more, more worried than the one who got hurt….

Hometown Report Episode 11 months ago. Kshoenow 2 Episode 22 2 hrs ago. During that time, many references were made with regards to his relationship with Eun Hye, but he remained faithful to her. It got so real to the point that their scandal appeared as headlines on newspapers.

There are certain rules some of you are violating and that shouldn’t be ignore. Jong Kook was caught between saying of course and giving up. In kwhownow, when Dara was 10 years old, Dara’s family moved to the Philippines after her father’s business closed down due to financial difficulties and start a trading business in there.

Hometown Report Episode 11 months ago. Make sure you read the rules if you don’t want to be warned by ksnownow mods. Eun Hye making sure that Jong Kook oppa is well cared for, covering him up with the towel so he wont be cold….

Episove field report came from a source who prefer to remain anonymous. Rather, it was due to numerous interferences by others trying to come in between them, not taking into consideration that they were actually dating.

Click here for the official list of forum ground rules: Radio transcript Radio interview The highlight of the interview was Jong Kook pretending not to know the actual age gap between him and Eun Hye to cover his tracks.

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Happy Together Episode kshowniw air on 23h0 Thursday, Feb 28, Before becoming a police officer, Yoon Bo Won actress Park Ha Sun has always been zealous about catching molesters, thieves, violent offenders in school and such. She came back to the country six months later to resume work. Minki had it easy, the one who suffered the most was Shin Jung Hwan, for why did he go and atagonize others? When he returned home with his first salary, on August 8th, his father passed away of cancer.


Dedicated to all those Mondayshippers out there!!! That was what the script writer originally intended it to be anyway, no offence to Jong Kook.

Have to state that first and foremost that my knowledge of Korean entertainment was zlich before In this particular interview published on December 10tha reporter asked Eun Hye for her opinion on the two men linked frequently with her, Joo Ji Hyun and Kim Jong Kook.

She may haven’t noticed this, and kept misunderstanding him because of their moments like this Previously unheard of, the president has disappeared! As their relationship became more and more noticeable by everyone around them, the both of them also gradually became more comfortable with each other. Please read and follow the korean celeb photos rules thread. Relationship is a two-way thing. November 12, Star sign: Credit to Mirae, jaycee and javabeans for this evidence.

Heroes Episode 17 3 years ago. Not too skinny and has a good figure.

They met for the first time in Xman 14, and from there until Xman 18, you can say that is where they got to know each other better. She felt embarassed and hid behind Jong Kook.

Dara and Bom is a member of the weakest in terms of dance, the reverse with Minzy. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. They even started playing jealousy games with each other evident from Xman 40 — Browse the Latest Snapshot.

Secrets Of Nature Episode 3 years ago. September 30, Height: He never escapes and know that everything can be solved if the both of them gamely faces it. Weekly Idol Episode will air on 18h00 Wednesday, Feb 27,