Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thanks for the review. Is the Circle the sport watch for you? For the price, the Circle offers a lot in terms of originality and build quality. The minute is a long slot shape with black filling and a polished edge, while the hour hand is a black circle that is extended away from the center by thee polished struts. When charged or charging, they become a medium to dark green color. In total, Xicorr sold 2 pieces of this watch which is really an impressive number when it comes to watches microbrands. Great review, and a cool watch.

Darek had a chance to see the Circle watches in person and Xicorr found out about their fellow countryman’s diving accomplishments, which include some extraordinarily deep dives:. Though while standing out, does not feel ostentatious or tacky. It is a tad tricky to grasp even with my smallish fingers. Darek plans to smash the world record by diving down to meters beneath Lake Garda. Xicorr Circle Review http: When he heard about Xicorr and their watches he really liked what he saw so arranged a meeting with them.

It winds with a rough raspiness and the date changes over with a slow plunk rather than a definitive click. Before diving headfirst into the world of watches, he spent his days as a product and graphic designer.

About Polish Brands – meeting with Xicorr Watches

A Xicorr branded brushed steel clasp rounds it out. August 28th, 3. The second hand is a thin polished stick with a small circle and a touch of black fill towards the very tip.

It also serves to expand the dial, as the screws are aligned with the hours, thus making them an index of their own. Its lugs continue with the round theme, they are also downwardly curving.

It will also feature Xicorr’s 12 signature bezel screws.

The modification of the cases took place in Poland, in one of the Mazovian companies dealing in metal processing and was one of the biggest problems cidcle the production of this model.


I would have expected something with screw-like details. The backside is branded with Xicorr and Pattini. This website sicorr cookies.

The steel case of the Xicorr Circle is simple with interesting details, making it striking and industrial. That said, the rubber does stick a bit to the skin, so it is occasionally uncomfortable. Behind the back has a table with components of watches grouped by types.

Xicorr Circle Review

When glowing, the watch also is very cool looking, taking on a bit of a different personality. Even when it gets dark, readability is still there, as almost surprisingly the hands and indices are lume filled. Overall, the case is very sturdy and well executed. Now, on to the watch. Posted by nguyen tuan anh at 9: The team from Xicorr realized that they would not make up for Christmas with the number of orders, which of course had to be explained by telephone to all interested people.


August 30th, 4. There is no real finishing to speak of, but every line and edge is crisp. However a new partnership with Polish technical diver, Darek Wilamowski, who has over 20 years of diving experience will see Xicorr produce a special Limited Edition Circle watch with an increased water-resistance and possibly a Helium escape valve, too.

I wonder if a date wheel with a smaller font could be sourced to eliminate the small window problem.

You are now the owner of a Poljot Mechanical Watch. The blue version of the shield refers to the color of the fish bone from which the watch took its name Garfish — in Polish Belona. The 2 in 26 is not completely visible. August 30th, 5. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Adam Tomaszewski owner of Xicorr watches knows about this, as the attention to detail in this watch is quite evident, but the tens place in the date window is partially obscured, ie.


I particularly liked the way it looks with grays and faded blues. Both hands are about the same length, but look very different, so there is not confusion when looking at the watch.

Forgot to mention – xicprr to Adam, Xicorr is derived from the Polish slang word for “watch” – sikor. Adam, like a wizard from a hat, was pulling out more models and prototypes of watches, dials and lids from various drawers and cabinets. For the price, the Circle offers a lot in terms of originality and build quality.

Xicorr Circle Review – Worn & Wound

Rotors of Seagull ST21 movements. But it was not a simple replacement of the dial and hands … the cases had to be processed under the requirements of the new model.

The Xicorr Circle comes with two 22mm straps, one leather and the other silicon. The circle black watvh markers and hands glow green in the dark — a neat trick. Because he had ready-made cases he had to follow the blow. The dark grey almost black filled hands and indices are clear, and stand out well against the white dial. Detailed information about the use of cookies on this website is available by visiting our Privacy Policy. In addition, I have never wrote a watch review before, but then again all of my other watches had mass marketing and PR behind them.