Hong Rui manages to get to the finals of a baking competition. Currently I’m doing research for my new home. He instructs Ah She, his henchman, to release him, who became addicted to opium. Liwan Tracer Wong encourages Jiahui to help Renyi out in the business after her return. She goes to the village again and mistakes Xiaoxiong for a stalker, when he is merely trying to protect her. Liu Qing sees Zhang Jia taking care of Meixue and encourages her to date him. She helps Zhang Min carry Junteng and is thrilled when the baby stops crying right away. Along the way, he meets White Dog and stays to deal with him.

As Hong Kuan had helped to save Zhang Min, she reluctantly agrees to let him go on the trip. In a struggle with Hong Kuan, his thigh is impaled and he drops the lighter onto the kerosene, setting the house aflame. Acting as siblings with confused affections? In gratitude, Tianpeng swears an oath of brotherhood to Shitou. It began recruiting artistes through its own talent search programme Route to Glamour, the ratings battle began to cool on New Years Eve in when Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew commented that Singapores size cannot sustain more than one television station for each language. Saturdays to Sundays After she has made the introductions, he excuses himself and leaves.

She finds the earrings he had bought for her in her drawer. His youngest jokrney, Zhao Chenglong, is facing the stress of PSLE, Yaozong is being bullied at work but puts up a front in front of his family to maintain his integrity of being a father figure.

Yazi meets a swindler on her way to Shitou and almost lost her chastity. It is an informal term that can apply to several genres and is often heard in the context of historical fiction and romances, adventure films.


After which, Heilong catches up with their truck and kills Ah Song and the rest. The next day, he admits his aim is to stop Dangyong from seeing tthe. The Series is repeated at 5.

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When Peishuang goes to the bookshop, Yisheng pretends not to recognise him. Back in his hometown, Guangda marries Mingzhu. While trying to entice Hong Kuan to leave with him, he slips, and his lighter sets the kerosene aflame. Tianpeng leaves and unfortunately, meets Guangda again on board the ship.

It was also partly sponsored by the Media Development Authority of Singapore. Tianpeng escaped death and tries to find his way out of the forest. In the process, Tianying injures himself and Huiniang brings him to a western medical hall. The two of them were initially at loggerheads, but gradually grew closer. A magnanimous and understanding mother-in-law to Zhenniang, the old lady is conversely very cold towards her other daughter-in-law, Xiuxiang.

Political integration, especially in Europe, emerged as an effort to end pre-war enmities, the start of the war in Europe is generally held to be 1 Septemberbeginning with the German invasion of Poland, Britain and France declared war on Germany two days later.

Meixue encourages him to write about new topics. Jinnu has a heart attack. Zhao Yaozong, is a man who works as an assistant horse trainer. Resources were scarce during the occupation, the prices of basic necessities increased drastically due to hyperinflation.

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Xiu Xiang plots to remove Mingzhu from the Zhang family, but is discovered and exposed by Huiniang. Zhang Jia and Xiaoxiong knock out the boatman ferrying Zhang Yan. Zhang Min has nightmares about Zhang Yan returning for revenge. In order to find out the whereabouts of his father, Zhang Rpisode reluctantly agrees and changes his name to Hu Jia.


Tianpeng promises Shitou that he will not lay foot in the gambling den ever again. They have even lost the overseas deal to New Little Nyonya. Chen Kuang Li Wenhai sends Tianying to test out and observe how the newly formulated medicine would take effect on patients.

Tan died in in Beijing and was given a funeral by the Chinese government.

Amore Ocean Blog: Cast of 《信约:动荡的年代》”The Journey : Tumultuous Times”

Zhang Yan is jubilant and wants to celebrate with Minghui, but she snubs him. A Voyage The Journey: Tianying vojage a comfortable life. He tries to kill Dangyong, but Hu Jia saves the latter just in time.

The Japanese military orders all healthy men to get a check-up at a designated zone. The Series is repeated at 5. Tianpeng looks for help as Tianying is ill, but to no avail.

Jiahui is not interested in Justin, the blind date Liwan has set her up with. Dangyong sets off on his escape route. Xiuxiang uses the opportunity to suggest that Mingzhu cursed Guangping to death, in revenge.

Zhang Jia ths Xiao a lesson, while Minghui returns the baby to his mother. Minghui and Meixue are conned of their money when they try to go after Liu Qing. Allen Chen with Dawn Yang in a photo shoot. He also declares that Shitou is innocent and that all of them need to bring Heilong to justice. White Dog will release Xiaoping if Bullethead jlurney join his gang.