What if there was a definite, fixed, universal meaning, but for whatever reason you hated it? They have to drink alcohol to stop them from being sad. The comic wasn’t really all that disturbing, but your rant was executed very beautifully! Just because the point is always “yo mama is fat”, doesn’t mean it isn’t funny. This page was last edited on 17 September , at Or, alternately, to realise that your angst about meaninglessness is in itself meaningless. Something I would picture Mr.

Sinaris October 27, at 4: Unlike pure reason, we’re each embedded in the physical world and have our own experiences. You’re right about only living for happiness, but you need to consider what exactly happiness is, and that can go down a really convoluted road of purpose, satisfaction, and achievements, and what those themselves actually mean. Tables with shitty borders! I repeat that not inherently and universally self-serving. I’m not saying that I’m having any sort of “crisis of faith. The title text refers to torrents , which are a way to obtain large amounts of data over the internet.

And it’s so bad that it actually comes around xlcd good again, but passes it right up. However bad it may seem now, you have no way to know what the future will bring, so what’s the point?

The graph is an amusing representation of the point.

I can’t even think of a way to improve this horrible thing of Randall trying to pass off his “wisdom” as a comic. I once torrented and watched SWHS, and it is not so bad it’s horrible, it is so bad mmovie good.


Two s teenage siblings find themselves in a s sitcom, where their influence begins to profoundly change that complacent world.


It is not detention after school jovie you must spend an hour writing “The Star Wars Holiday Special is not good.

As for Machiavelli, people who conflate him with evil have never read “The Discourses on Livy”. Just some ideas for you, hope it helps. One of the best I’ve read on this website so far. Zachary October 25, at 9: But it’s enough to argue with here.

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All of you must live in your mother’s basement if you really come up with this much shit about xkcd. The Hands of Fate should be below Star Wars? I, star wars nerd though I am, haven’t really cared enough. It’s ’cause you’re dumb. I think there’s a difference between things having no meaning to you, and things having no meaning in a much larger sense. Otherwise, why act in any way? What’s the point of going to heaven?

Or, alternately, to realise that your angst about meaninglessness is in itself meaningless. Things have meaning because you give them meaning. Meaning is not the sort of attribute something has in and of itself. When I sink into a nihilist standpoint sometimes for no apparent reason life is awful.

Every action someone takes emjoyability primarily for their own benefit. One of the consequences of using a minimalist approach is that you need to make every part of your comic count. If you go out and kill the head of a corporation, in a general sense it’ll have no meaning, because nothing has meaning when it comes down to it, but in your personal life it may very well have meaning.


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Although, there’s not a lot of point in believing a very specific doctrine. Euphoria is nice, but when that euphoria comes at the price of reducing your future lifespan, it will reduce your potential future opportunities to experience pleasure again. If not, why not? Anonymous November 1, at 1: And, as for happiness, what kind of friends are you going to ever have if you are spending your time being “evil”, or at least self-serving to a degree of alienation.

Worst comes to worst, just kill yourself. Sunday, October 25, Comic Doc Brown, a character from the Back to the Future trilogy, is a time traveling scientist known for his eccentric personality and absent-mindedness.

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R 84 min Comedy. What is it that keeps us going?

The title text may also contain an subtle play on a line of Star Wars dialogue. Please do not respond such as “ignoring the meaningless of life” since I explained before why I couldn’t do that. Existentialism states that humans create their own values.