Rosa takes Van and Moonbay to her colony, and that is where Van stocks up on food. Van and the rest of the gang leave because the Imperial Army shows up. D takes them to the institute and they break in. He launches a missile at Irvine, but Van and the Blade Liger, intercept it. Van survives after learning that he could put up a shield with the Shield Liger. Then after passing out Van gets some sort of dream. Van and Rudolph get away while Irvine sustains some damage by the Dark Horns.

Van is a young boy living in a small village on the Planet Zi. After several attempts from all sides the Death Saurer is destroyed by the Blade Liger. Van finds a piece of glass. He also tell Van the story about his sister and he she died because of Gafki-Carl Fever. At the base, Fiona senses the heat signature of this crude zoid and rushes off. Meanwhile, a large iceberg is headed towards the city. The President of the Republic gets a friendly warning from Emperor Rudolph. With Moonbay’s Gustav weighted down by the heavy load, she can not put any weapons on it.

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Moonbay returns and asked Van to be her protector. Irvine gets in his Command Wolf and Moonbay gets in the Gustav and takes them on. Marcus believes that it had to have been a fluke. Returning to his village, Van eipsode Zeke and the girl, Fiona, to his sister Maria and the rest of the town, explaining how they both emerged from pods, and how Fiona had lost her memory. After training hard for the arrival of the Geno Breaker, Van had upgraded the booster on the Blade Liger.

Then Stinger comes out in a Light Pink Saber Fang completely loaded up with ammunition and takes out the Guysack easily. Chaotic Century Episode 41 Subtitle Indonesia. Some of the villagers warn them of the advancing Imperial Army. Van starts teaching Rudolph how to pilot a zoid properly but Rudolph needs more practice.

He is trying to pull the full potential of the Shield Liger out. Showtime, Van follows Commander Cunningham and monitors them. Then the same had happened to Van, Fiona and Zeke. When he heard of Raven coming back he started coming to this base.


In an attack from the Saber Fang, Van is thrust into the whirlwind of light where the Shield Liger is resurrected as the new and improved Blade Liger. Van and Thomas find out the plot to kill emperor Chhaotic will be carried out at the Guylos Grand Prix, the generals that still claim loyalty to Prozen want Emperor Rudolph dead. At the gorge Irvine assists Van in making it across the River. Unknown to Van, the military officer is actually in cahoots with Commander Cunningham.

Meanwhile, Phantom is in the harbor with his stealth Gun Sniper, where, unbeknownst to Van, a sniping shot can made from the sea.

Van tells him that he is Van Flyheight, and he has a silver organoid called Zeke, but there was an accident and that Zeke was covered with some paint. Two days ago, an entire sleeper battalion was whipped out because of one Saber Fang and a black organoid. Late at night, Minister Prozen went to a shabby shop where a special forces operative commander by the name of Metlenick was.

Raven attacks Van and Irvine, but it proves too much for our young heroes. Retrieved from ” https: Meanwhile, Raven is heading off to destroy another fortress of the Republican Army. It fires at the Iron Kong and defeats it. Story of a partnership between a Zoid Liger Zero and its pilot Bit Cloud as they battle to become the ultimate team. Thomas’s Dibison unleashes its strongest attack against the resurrected zoid and fails.

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Chaotic Century Episode 56 Subtitle Indonesia. Van is given strict orders to destroy Fire Bridge because the explosives did not work and they had lost contact with the girls.

It turns out that Irvine is trying to capture Zeke, as he reappears to attack the Gordos, and later Van, only to retreat when the Gordos defends the damaged Shield Liger.


Then Rev Raptors show up, dozens of them. After several attempts from all sides the Death Saurer is destroyed by the Blade Liger.

Van thinks that it might be a mistake bringing Thomas into this mission. Both Moonbay and Irvine are released due to a misunderstanding. Moonbay chaoti an idea to kick start the seventh power block of the Ultrasaurus. Van, Moonbay, Irvine and Fiona had made it to the Guerrial Plateau and started searching around the ruins. Later that morning, the old guy Dr.

Then Van runs away.

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Chaotic Century Episode 33 Subtitle Indonesia. Audible Download Audio Books. She attacked Van and Van flipped her out and was about to knock her out when Fiona stopped him. Warriors by nature, Zoids have been used as the ultimate weapons in an ongoing war between the Imperial forces, and the Republicans of Planet Zi.

Meanwhile, surrounded by several cliffs, the severely damaged Geno Breaker rests along with Shadow in its left claw. Fiona sensed that Van is in a valley, hurt and unable to move for the time being.

Zoids: Chaotic Century

It was really snowing. Chaotic Century Episode 45 Subtitle Indonesia. Rosso and Viola were about to have dinner, but then Rudolph starts to escape. The Desert Alcavaleno Gang is planning on kidnapping the Crown Prince Rudolph and asking for a ransom from the Empire for treating them the way they did.

Van and Thomas make great time until Thomas runs into his brother. As Van and Fiona enter another town, they go to the security office, to get the briefing for their next mission, but when they enter, they find out that Thomas is already there.

But the explosives did not explode.